paint - motion - vfx
Project Dogwaffle
Rotoscoping for VFX improvements in Howler 11
New adjustable gradient tool
New raytracing features
Howler has an extensive new programming API
Puppy Ray example
Puppy Ray example
Puppy Ray example
Puppy Ray example
Water drop filter example
Water drops and shape bombing
Contour gradients
System rendering GUI under Windows 7
UI under Windows 10

What's new in Howler 11

Raytracing improvements including bounce light, refraction, water, bump maps, and visible sun in Puppy Ray

New adjustable gradient tool and contour gradients

Numeric entry throughout the program

Callouts and vector objects

Improved image scaling and crop tool

Improved curve and rotoscope tools

Enhanced timeline and font panel

Delete media, and save particle media from the media browser

Color picker from Particle 9, Color pickers remember settings

GUI color settings and new system rendering options

New Filters, including water drops, bilateral, Julia set, normal map, water caustics, water ripples, Worley noise, shape bombing, and fracture

All new programming API, and much more...


Morph between two frames to create new in-betweens
Post correction allows precise brush stroke shapes
Repair dropped or repeated frames from video
Automatically extrapolate new frames using motion prediction technology
Revamped greenscreen camera stabilization/motion removal/restoration tool
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