Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects

Cinematic visual FX in a familiar painting environment

Breakthrough real-time howling performance

Mapping to Gradient improvements
Adjustable Gradient Tool

Howler 2020 is here now!

New media browsing experience
New grass, stone, tree, and flower media.
Rewritten Brush Shape panel with larger brushes and easy animbrush brush creation
Paper textures for bristle brushes and the round pen
Improved Rub-Color painting mode to make paintings from photos
Apply gradients to animated brushes
Removal of legacy internal brushes and hard-coded brushes in favor of newer brush types and new media
Separate settings for paper Drybrush and Bumpiness
Save paper with a media
Automatic docking of stored images
Map an image to a gradient while you adjust it in real-time
Much more

Howler 2019 and earlier...

Export H264 and WMV video formats
Improved Exposure Sheet, Frame Painter and Brush TImeline.
New freehand dotted drawing mode makes stamping easier
Auto-magic feature replacement with Poisson Blending
Improved blemish / feature removal, color matching
Match the palette of one image to that of another image
Animate with the line and circle tools
Polar designer for texture creation
New stamp tool
Rewritten text tool
Visual Recently Used Documents list
Search and sort images by similarity
Media browsing and histogram on the sidebar
Physically plausible global illumination in Puppy Ray ray tracer
Rewritten input stabilizer
Improved curve and rotoscoping tools
Media browsing improvements in Howler 2020
Polar Designer

Rotoscoping for VFX
Brush shape panel improvements
The Brush Timeline
Brush improvements in Howler 2020
Introduction to Howler 2020
Exposure Sheet project
Poisson Blending and Feature Removal
Feature Removal project
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