Project Dogwaffle
Rotoscoping for VFX improvements in Howler 11
Adjustable gradients
Renders from the built in ray-tracer, Puppy Ray
Exploring new options of Puppy Ray in Howler 11.

20 years of digital art with Project Dogwaffle

What's new in Howler 11.2c

Physically plausible global illumination in Puppy Ray ray tracer

New instance based renderer for developers

Rewritten input stabilizer smooths out brush strokes

Improvements to post correction and the curve tool.

Utilize up to 64 threads.  Threading is rewritten for modern processors.

Saving OBJ files from 3D designer incdudes MTL file.

Raytracing improvements including bounce light, refraction, water, bump maps, attenuation, scattering, and visible sun in Puppy Ray

New adjustable gradient tool and contour gradients

Numeric entry throughout the program

Callouts and vector objects

Improved curve and rotoscope tools

Enhanced timeline and font panel

New watercolor medias.

New Filters, including water drops, bilateral, Julia set, normal map, water caustics, water ripples, Worley noise, shape bombing, L-system, and fracture
Callout and vector objects in Howler 11
Demo May 2017
New contour fill in Howler 11
Puppy Ray refraction in Howler 11
Foliage and scenery painting example in Howler
New color picker in Howler 11.
New HSL color picker
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Improved pos corretion
Puppy Ray example
Puppy Ray example
Puppy Ray example
Water drop filter example
Using post correction with the curve tool