Buy version 6 of Howler for $10.

We had one very successful sale in 2012, so we've extended it into 2013.

The current version is Howler 8. Howler 6 was the first version to use the “Howler” name, and runs fine under Windows 7 and 8. We felt the name represented the performance level we were able to achieve in this one by compiling and coding for SSE2 and extending support for multi-threading. Future versions added camera stabilization, rotoscoping, motion estimation, and second generation foliage painting.


Special pricing available - 70% off of Howler and other products. for your discount coupon with which versions you would like to upgrade.

How to verify your final cost before ordering:

To find out what your net cost is, with discounts and tax, if any, and with no need to place an order, start here: and pick the desired product, then click where it says "order here" along the right side. That will take you to the BMTmicro online store ordering page. Enter the coupon in the lower-mid section of that form.

IMPORTANT: After entering the coupon, hit the "Recalculate" button near the middle of the form to make it reveal your final total price.

Discounted Upgrade from earlier versions?

If you'd like to upgrade to a more recent or the latest version from your current version of Dogwaffle, be sure to contact us to request a discount coupon.

Contact Philip for your discount coupon.