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Project Dogwaffle

Project Dogwaffle Soundtrack Collection Volume 1.

Over an hour of feature quality royalty free music for your production.
Volume 1 features:
Alien encounters
Dinosaur danger
Space and mech battles
General science fiction
Cartoon and furry animal
General music for production
Alien_Visitation 10m18s Sample
BalladBit 30s Sample
Battle_of_Gavin 2m18s Sample
British_Detective_Theme 33s
Cartoon_Filler 1m41s
Dinosaur_Danger 7m57s Sample
Domestic 36s
Everything_and_the_Jingles 5m056 Sample
Hard_flying_bits 1m48s Sample
Inspiration 1m36s
Mech_stuff 1m06s Sample
Midnight_Chase 1m30s
MoreMech 1m12s
Old_tv_show 48s
Old_tv_show_for_voiceover 46s
Planetty_Theme 1m49s Sample
Slapstick01 2m30s
Something_about_Squirrels 5m18s
String_arrangement 1m48s
Talking_Rodent_Cartoon_Segways 4m12s
The_Big_Reveal 1m24s Sample
The_Sad_Bit 1m14s
Vocals3 1m48s
When_the_Sun_Goes_Down 54s
Wierd_carnival 32s
Winds_of_Progress 2m48s Sample

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