Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects

Cinematic visual FX in a familiar painting environment

Breakthrough real-time howling performance


Paint features:

    Natural media, full digitizing tablet support (Wacom, Monoprice, etc.)

    Breakthrough performance on modest hardware

    Foliage brushes, animated brush, bristle brushes, particle brushes, brushes under the influence of force fields

    Over 140 fast, full featured filters

    Premium color mixing tools. Red-yellow-blue mixing and compliments

    Select colors by pigment... alizarin crimson, rose madder, and so on...

    Multiple monitor support

    Advanced symmetrical painting and Kaleidoscope

    Brush keyframing

    Brush timeline

Animation features:

    Traditional animation

    Onion skin with Red Shift

    Load/Save AVI's, frame sequences, or a specific portion of a video or sequence

    Frame scanning, line cleanup and non-photo blue removal

    Timeline for filters

Single track point 2-D match moving

Animated garbage matte cleanup tools

Animated matte creation via Rotoscoping

Dropped frame repair tools use motion analysis to extrapolate missing frames

    Exposure sheet with lip syncing

    Frame sequencer

    Motion analysis to create slow motion or add motion blur to stop motion

    Animation re-timing via motion prediction

    Editor functions, cut/copy/paste/blocks, etc.

    Interlaced video support

    Batch processing and visual batch conversion and renaming

    3D height map rendering, global illumination raytracing

    Camera motion tracking, stabilization, smoothing, removal and re-addition


Filters and Special FX:

    Numerous filters (140 and counting)

    Filters for still images and animations
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